EU Funding

Title: Increased competitiveness of IKERSHOP.COM sp. z o. o. sp. k. by implementing the assumptions of the design strategy

Aims: the main goal of the project is to increase the company’s competitiveness and innovation. It will be achieved through the implementation of specific objectives: purchase of consulting services and WNiP; increasing the use of design in business; implementation of product innovations and introduction of our own product offer; implementation of non-technological innovation; increase in own investments; receiving support for the implementation of the project; entering new markets and expanding operations to existing ones; trademark and industrial design application; increase in employment, revenues, profits; increase in knowledge (know-how) in the field of design.

Scheduled effects: introduction of 7 innovations; employment increase by 2 FTE; generating revenues from the sale of a new offer; generating revenues from the sale of products for export; entering 4 new markets; introduction of 5 groups of new products – new for the company; application for 2 pieces of industrial designs; application for 1 trademark; introduction of 1 piece of eco-innovation.

Gross project value: 5 209 050 PLN

Net project value: 4 235 000 PLN

Contribution of the European Fund (financing): 2 914 500 PLN