The Earth is our home

Like you, we care about what we have been entrusted with. The earth is our home, so we put all our heart into fighting for it. The carbon footprint of Omium furniture, is always to be as small as possible. Recycling, low-energy technologies, natural raw materials, sustainably sourced products - these are our values, which Omium furniture expresses.

Live a beautiful life

Green Bauhaus is proof that organic is beautiful. The Omium family of furniture was not born in a factory, but on the Munich sunlit desks of renowned designers from the acclaimed German studio WertelOberfell. Sensitively refined, the aesthetic designs of the WertelOberfell team represent creativity, a change from the usual patterns, and inspiration from nature - its lightness in cyclicality.

Footprint you want to leave

Concern for the environment and the carbon footprint we leave behind should not be placed solely on you as the person using the furniture. As a manufacturer, we take responsibility for reducing the carbon footprint of every chair or table. From the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing process to delivery, packaging selection and sizing, this is how we fight together with you for a healthier future for all of us.