We are grateful to nature for the gift of life it bestows upon us every day. That's why we respect every piece of wood that comes into our hands. The technologies we employ allow us to unveil its timeless beauty while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary energy waste. Your conscious, sustainable lifestyle with Omium is not a fleeting trend; it is an expression of your commitment to joint efforts for the protection of the natural environment. From the design and production stages to packaging and transportation, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Your new, sustainable lifestyle

Omium is a brand that will introduce you to a new lifestyle promoting the harmony of design with the principles of conscious development. All our furniture is created with respect and genuine concern for the environment in which we operate. For us, sustainable design is not just empty words. It's concrete actions that we implement at every stage of production. Transparent to you and beneficial for the world.

Feel integrated

Omium furniture is integrated into the environment around us. Natural wood treated with vegetable oil, glass, stone, concrete, coconut, buckwheat hull, seagrass, horsehair - these are the biodegradable materials we work with every day. Wherever possible, we introduce the work of artisans' hands in place of energy-intensive technologies. This organisation of production also enables us to give our products individual characteristics when fulfilling orders for a specific customer's client (variations in combinations, colours).

We exclude polyurethane foam from production. Instead, we use coconut husks, buckwheat husks, seagrass, and horsehair.

Natural oils replace unfriendly lacquers.

The fabrics we use are 100% natural or biodegradable.

We optimize transportation for minimal carbon footprint.

Our packaging is made entirely from recycled materials.

We offer the option to repair individual pieces of furniture to extend their lifespan.

All furniture is 100% recyclable.

Each product has calculated energy consumption for its production, transportation, use, and disposal.

Discover our way

Transparency in our processes and their outcomes is one of the cornerstones of the Omium brand. That's why all our efforts towards sustainable production are open and concrete. Interested in knowing what makes Omium furniture so eco-friendly? We'd be happy to share.

More than a brand

Omium is more than just a brand—it's a community of individuals who appreciate the value of a sustainable lifestyle. Join us to collaboratively shape a future where design goes hand in hand with care for our planet. Omium is a choice that transforms each day into an opportunity to make positive changes.